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Sol Levy

Sol has avidly pursued his interest in landscape color photography since 1994, capturing sunrises, sunsets, and other spectacular natural events throughout the United States and Europe. He attempts to capture the untainted landscape, exploring the natural world. Sol is interested in showing the grandeur of the outdoors and the play of light as it shapes the landscape and particularly the colors of the “ends and beginnings of the day” - sunrise and sunset - capturing the patterns of color in the clouds, sky and water.

Currently, he is adding cityscapes to his portfolio, seeking out their unique features.. For the show at InFusion, he has chosen some of the abstract visions of the urban landscape such as real small parts of buildings and the textures of the building materials. Sol was challenged to work on this project by good friend and accomplished artist, Shelly Lependorf, who wanted him to look at small things rather than the grand landscape. Many of the images in this show were taken on an afternoon walk with Shelly through Old Philadelphia, where she helped him see the beauty and photographic opportunities he would normally have not noticed. He hopes this will encourage you to look at the city with different eyes.

In addition, Sol is using Adobe Photoshop software as a dark room, bringing out the best of the image. On some images he added an artistic overlay in order to evoke a particular mood. Sol has taken courses in Photoshop and Photography at the Community College of Philadelphia.


Judy Levy

For Judy Levy, what began as a hobby to accompany her husband, has become a passion. She is just as enthused about landscape photography as Sol. Yet, she has found her own preferences and styles. Judy seeks to capture the light as it plays in the natural world. Recently, she began to look for smaller and smaller scenes in the landscapes, more interested in detail than in the larger scene.Judy tries to fill the frame with the minutiae of nature, color form and ephemera.

Since 1994, the Levys have attended many workshops with Bill Manning of Natures Light, a professional landscape photographer whose work is often published. They learned how to capture the landscape and the dramatic natural lighting by which their work is known.

Long time members of ALMA (Artists League of Mr. Airy) Gallery, Judy and Sol have both exhibited in numerous ALMA exhibits. Their photography was featured in their own exhibitions:
October 2003 “Reflections de France” with two other artists
October 2000 “Images of Ireland” with two other artists
February 1999 “Ends of the Day”

The Levys were recently featured on the WHYY Public Broadcasting program Coming of Age. To view the program, click here.

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Featured Shows at other venues:

2004 – Present: Coffee Junction in Allens Lane Train Station
2004: The Artists Cultural Exchange
2003 to Present: Shows with the Delaware Valley Artist League
2003: InFusion, ACoffee and Tea Gallery
June 2003: Tavern at Goat Hollow Restaurant
2002: The Universalistic Unitarian Home, Germantown, Philadelphia
October 2001: Skylight Gallery, Jenkintown, PA
2001: Philly Total Fitness Center, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia
2000 to present: medical and dental offices
October 1997: The Abington Fitness Center

Juried Shows:

3rd Photo Sessions – Judy
2004 and 2005: Artists Cultural Exchange Shows,
Cheltenham Art Center, The Frame Shop Jenkintown, Beth Or Synagogue, Springhouse
– each received an Honorable Mention
200: Pennsylvania Senior Arts Festival in Harrisburg
2003 and 2004: Phillips Mill Photography Exhibit - Sol was given the Committee Award.
2003: South Jersey Arts Counsel – Juried Show

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