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Part One

Chapter 1 Setting the Stage

“Setting the Stage” is the introduction to the book. It is written in the first person, and touches on the personal relationship between Sophie Tucker and the author. In addition, it lays out the form of the book, which attempts to use the past, learn from it, take from it all we can, and move forward into the future and the lasting contribution Sophie Tucker made and continues to make in American popular culture.

sophie tucker

Chapter 2 Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner

This chapter takes place in the 1950s when Sophie Tucker reunited with the author’s family.

Chapter 3 Movin’ On Up

In this chapter, the author’s family moves to a house and Sophie Tucker meets the author for the first time.

Chapter 4 Preparations

This chapter describes the author’s family’s preparations for Sophie Tucker’s weekend visit to their home and includes details of that weekend, as well as the beginning of the author’s intimate relationship with Sophie.

Chapter 5 The Haircut

This chapter describes Sophie’s supervision of the author’s physical makeover, including her first beauty parlor haircut and sleep-overs at Sophie’s Park Avenue apartment.

Chapter 6 Sisters

Chapter 6 describes Sophie’s younger sister Annie’s influence on the author s sister and Annie s relationship to Sophie, as well as Annie s role as surrogate mother to Sophie’s son Bert.

Chapter 7 Summer Gamblin’ Gals

This chapter describes Sophie’s love of cards and gambling and describes a series of scenes when Sophie taught the author to be her gin rummy partner. Sophie’s comments to the author about Frank Sinatra are revealed.

Chapter 8 Family Reunion

Chapter 8 details the family reunion Sophie and the author’s parents organized at the author’s home to reunite an aunt and uncle who had not spoken in fifty years. Sophie’s loyalty to family is revealed in this chapter. (Original photos from this party are included)

Chapter 9 The Dinner Party

Chapter 9 takes place on the eve of the author’s departure for college when Sophie gives a family dinner party in her honor, replete with finger bowls like Sophie saw used in England.

Chapter 10 Son and Show Business

This chapter reveals one side of Sophie’s relationship to her son, Bert, and her advice to him and other young starlets about making it in the show biz world. Sophie’s ambivalent relationship with Bert is evidenced in this chapter, a relationship filled with guilt, love, and dependency.

Chapter 11 Mom Chung

Chapter 11 introduces Sophie’s close friend, Mom Chung, who lives in San Francisco and owns a parrot that imitated Sophie.

Sophie Tucker and long-time pianist Ted Shapiro on front of post card from Las Vegas.
Note to Lois on back of card, dated February 24, 1960, while Lois was at Penn State University: “Dear Lois,
So glad to hear from you and all’s well. Wonderful to hear you’re going to Europe. I will be home end of March. No plans to play PA at all. I’m fine. Love to you and folks.
Cuz Sophie”

Chapter 12 Take Care of Janet

This chapter reemphasizes Sophie’s sense of family and her expectation that the author pass on what Sophie teachers her to a younger second cousin who follows the author’s college career one year later, including a comical episode when the author attempts to teach this cousin how to behave on a dinner date. Sophie’s commitment to women in her family mentoring other female family members is clearly shown.

Chapter 13 Jayne Mansfield
and “The Murderer”

In Chapter 13, Sophie and the author’s family react to Jayne Mansfield’s night club act, and Sophie offers her opinion of a family member with murderer’s eyes.

Chapter 14 Wedding Bells for Me

This chapter deals with the author’s young marriage and Sophie’s opinion of this event. The author gets married and Sophie reacts.

Chapter 15 Mentor

This chapter talks about the mentoring relationship the author had with Sophie Tucker.

Chapter 16 Seder at Sophie’s

Chapter 16 describes a family seder at Passover time at Sophie’s Park Avenue apartment, an evening that included Sophie and her brother Moe reminiscing about their parents and their childhoods, as well as a private talk between Sophie and the author.

Chapter 17 Backstage at the Latin Casino

This chapter includes a meeting with Sophie backstage at the Latin Casino in New Jersey when Sophie gives out some hard advice.

Chapter 18 Diamonds, Donations & Show Biz Advice

This chapter explores Sophie’s opinion of show business and includes her friendship with a South African diamond merchant who is an avid fan.

Chapter 19 Blackface

Set in the 1960s, the author confronts Sophie’s past, when she appeared on stage in blackface, and questions Sophie’s political views on civil rights.

Chapter 20 Sophie Is Sick

This chapter includes Sophie’s diagnosis of lung cancer and a meeting between the author and Sophie.

Chapter 21 Sophie Tucker Dies

Chapter 21 includes Sophie’s death, charitable nature and memorial service in her hometown of Hartford, Connecticut.

Part Two

Chapter 22 Moe in Majorca

After Sophie’s death, the author and her husband meet up with Sophie’s brother and business manager, Moe Abuza, and help him over a heart-breaking affair.

Chapter 23 A Place Called Home

The author pays a visit to Hartford, Connecticut and revisits the house of the Abuza family and talks with a neighbor.

Part Three

Chapter 24 Trifles & Treasures

This chapter includes correspondence with Sophie’s pianist’s widow, a 1994 visit and interview with Sophie’s older brother’s son, and posthumous findings of the author.

Part Four

Chapter 25 Letters from Sophie & Photographs

This final section contains never-before-seen letters and photographs of the author and Sophie Tucker, including original letters from Sophie to the author and also to another grand niece. Also contained in this chapter are photographs of gifts given to the author by Sophie.

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