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“There are places I remember,/ All my life, though some have changed
Forever, but not for better/ Some have gone, Some have remained,
All these places had their moments/ As lovers and friends I still can recall/ Some are dead and some are living...
Though I know I’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them”

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Is it really 25 years since that picture above was taken, that yearbook published, when we ventured out into the world... of college? A quarter of a century! Two cycles of GFS! Now, most of us are married, parents of children ranging from toddlers to those thinking about college! Some children are walking through the open door of GFS.

Now that I’ve grayed us some more... We couldn’t imagine today’s technology. 2001 was a movie to us, not our 25th reunion. Rememember Jim Cohn printing class schedules on a teletype computer in a closet office of the Alumni Building, and the game we played on it in American History? So, now there is a GFS Computer Center with access to the Internet and CD-ROM educational games. And, we have a web site to keep the Class of 1976 informed of the upcoming reunion events, to have the class offer suggestions, as a way to keep in touch, and to reflect on our years at GFS.

We were the Bicentennial Class -- 76 in the Class of ’76. Remember our parents putting on a bicentennial skit at the year-end banquet? How appropriate we graduated in the Year of the Dragon when we had the dragon artist in Howie Coale, whose drawings filled my textbooks. Yet, he had only one drawing in the yearbook. Suzanne Steytler drew the cover; Rachel Leonard the dragon in the center of the book.

This web site, time permitting, will hopefully grow. Perhaps, we will have a database of the class. We’ll list your memories. Show each other’s photos. Present highlights from senior year. CHECK IN OFTEN and fill out the form below, so we can be in touch.

Michael “Scoop” Kleiner

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Not to be forgotten

Joyce Donnell
d. 1981

Beth Greene
d. 1989

Kevin Raphael
d. 1990

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